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Made In Japan Beer

* Made In Japan Beer *



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Domestic premium beer also Best


We will provide you with GARGERY

original glass to make it more delicious


GARGERY Wheat ¥1,100


Weitzen yeast unique fruity flavor

We used German Northern Brewer species hop alone,

Realize a simple and refreshing bitterness.


GARGERY Xale ¥1,100


using plenty of Northern Brewer species hops from Germany,

By dry-hopping the Healthbreaker type hop,

You can enjoy fruity aroma derived from hops.


GARGERY Black ¥1,100


Crystal malt, deeply rich roast incense by chocolate malt.

By using plenty of malt and hops, we realized flavor-rich drinking response with full body.



* Made In Japan Beer *




Orion Draft Beer



アサヒビール 沖縄でおすすめの人気焼肉店、極上牛は神戸牛やもとぶ牛、石垣牛など国産和牛を取り扱う焼肉専門店です。また、国産ビールや泡盛、日本酒もお楽しみ頂ける、うわさの焼肉屋です。芸能人や有名人が隠れ家としても利用している雰囲気の良いお店です。.jpg.jpg 

Asahi Super Dry Beer (Small Bottle)



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