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Our Staff

We want to bring you Smile.

『Let us serve you the delicious Wagyu.』




Our Staff



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~ about Gokujougyu ~

If there's one thing we're passionate about, it's the premium wagyu comparable menu!

"Motobu wagyu", "Ishigaki wagyu" from Okinawa Prefecture,

and "Kobe wagyu" from Hyougo Prefecture, all A-5 rank!

Taste three kinds of Wagyu with one time!

By the way, which wagyu is your favorite?





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~ about our Service ~


I speak Cantonese, Mandarin , English and a little bit Japanese.

It’s easy for Chinese speaking guests to communicate with us for menu,

for site visiting, or for anything of Okinawa.

Leave the English and Chinese customers to me!

Feel free to ask something or order.

by the way I am learning Japanese now, it's so difficult ( ゚Д゚) !!



Position:Assistant Manager


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~ about our Sauce ~

Our secret homemade sauce is a blend of many ingredients and spices!

In addition, "Yanbaru Lime Juice" from Okinawa Prefecture was added to bring a refreshing feeling!

We are also very particular about table salt!

The salt used is from "Yagajishima" from Okinawa!

It is sea salt with concentrated fresh flavor, which brings you to fully enjoy the taste of meat!



Position:Signboard Girl


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~ about Sake ~

The representative Beer of Okinawa is Orion Beer. Its refreshing and goes perfectly with Wagyu!

GARGERY beer that you can only find in restaurants. It looks fancy and makes you feel special!

We also have a wide variety of other alcoholic beverages such as Japanese wine, sake, awamori and highballs!

『By the way, I love to have Red Wine to go with Wagyu~♡』



Position:Head Chef


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~ about HACCP ~

We maintain the freshness of our food while managing our stores with HACCP.

We purchase the Wagyu beef in blocks of part, trim it at store,

and cut it into pieces according to the part, and serve it in the best condition!

Our Wagyu and side dishes, made with carefully selected safe and reliable ingredients, are waiting for you.



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