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About Wagyu

Motobu beef is in the field of Motobu-cho,

with unique fermented feeding

and modern technology cattle breeding.

The meat have special flavors.


Ishigaki beef was once one of the main dishes for

dinner at the G7 Summit in Okinawa in 2000.


That is why Ishigaki Beef is

a signboard that has become known not only

in Japan but also overseas.


Please enjoy the sirloin steak!

You can taste the fresh of meat and the refreshing fat.


Raised on an island rich in nature,

the main feed is mineral-rich pasture and sugar cane,

and it is bred and raised on a spacious ranch

and grown to a high-quality meat.


Three major Japanese Wagyu,

Kobe Wagyu, Matsuzaka Wagyu,

Oumi Wagyu, And Hida Wagyu,

Ozaki Wagyu, Yamagata Wagyu

will also on our Special Menu time by time. 


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